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looks beautiful with no makeup lifehack If you are a career woman doesn't have much time to dress up and makeup each morning, could try six ways natural to look beautiful. Without the use of makeup, You still can appear charming and perform daily activities with timely. According to the website Boldsky, from Thursday (29/3/2018), the following six ways natural to look beautiful skyline in the morning without makeup squeezed. 1. Exfoliate lips You can start this natural beauty treatments with lip exfoliation using a toothbrush. Rub the toothbrush gently on your lips to remove dead skin so looks more pink lips natural. 2. facial Exfoliation Further exfoliate the face using srub for the face looks fresh and clean naturally. Do it gently to remove any dead skin so the skin look brighter without makeup. 3. create a glowing skin Do a light facial massage to improve blood circulation. In addition, Pat-Pat gently on your face to make it look more refreshed and glowing. 4. Use humidifiers Moisturizing beauty care is the most important. If the skin humidity is always awake, you will always look fresh and young. Give also moisturized lips to pink natural impression. 5. make beautifull eyebrows Eyebrows are neatly frames the eyes give the impression of a sharp and beautiful. If you have thick eyebrows can be merapikannya by rubbing using a brush eyebrows. However if Your eyebrows are thin, apply eyebrow pencil with color natural. 6. make beautifull lashes Should not use mascara, you can get beautiful eye appearance with only make beautifull lashes. You can also make little difference with curly lashes for a more feminine appearance.

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