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peerfly vs cpagrip review , which the best ? in this post i want to talk little about cpa networdk peerfly and cpagrip, which one is the best. REGISTER to join peerfly network you need to pass the review first , what kind of review ? you should tell the concept and strategies how you will generate traffick for your cpa offer , and provide little proof of your concept. it may take a week for review and some evaluation reason for resubmit the ask to join till you accepted to join the network in the cpagrip you no need to pass the review and get instant joining the networdk OFFER AND SYSTEM i prefer peerfly because the offer is good enough, and the system providing what offer we want to take, and no annoying content locker. in the cpagrip all offer rotate randomly and automatically, its hard to choose specific offer we want to promote. the weakness of peerfly banner rotater is have no contextual detection and geo detection , so the banner impression show wrong geo or language such as thailand font , arabic font , so we dont know the offer detail

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what is the best CPA network in the world ?

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hi traffic and pageview is less usefull if the ads not contextual with the content of site or social media, so we need to make a contextual content and ads. for example if your site content is about farmer and your loyal visitor is a farmer but you placing ads about software it will return low leads.

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